EndNote for iPad 1.2 now live!

The latest update to the EndNote iPad app is now live:


This free update includes optimization for iOS 7, UI improvements, and many other fixes and improvements.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

I just downloaded a note from my iPad.   I must say, reading the documentation, I have absolutely no idea how to get started. I’m hoping you can answer a couple of questions.

1   is it necessary to upload my endnote library from my desktop to the web  In order to use the iPad version?   Your documentation says you can upload from the  “the web/or deskstop”   but as far as I can see there is no information of how to do it.   I hope I don’t have to upload to the web.   I have over 20,000 references. What I’ve tried this before, it is bombed horribly.    

2    really all I want to be able to do is manage my PDFs that I transfer from my desktop to my IPAD  so I can read and annotate them on the IPAD  and transfer the annotated files back to the desktop seamlessly.   I am hoping that there is a way to select a set of individual references on my desktop, send them to the cloud or two dropbox and load them into endnote iPad.   I could then read the references on the iPad, annotate them, re-sync with dropbox and hopefully have them appear in the right place in my desktop and note file.

 I would really appreciate it if you could let me know if number #2 is possible.   

 in my opinion, and note is a fantastic product and is really central to my academic career and has been for many many years.   If this seamless transfer of PDFs back and forth between the iPad and desktop were possible, I guess I would have to say that ENDNOTE is now near perfect.

 Thanks in advance for your help


Hello Tom,

Glad to hear you’ve downloaded the EndNote app. In short, the iPad app will allow you to seamlessly transfer your PDFs across the desktop, online and the iPad app. 

As far as your questions:

  1. You can sync your entire EndNote library from the desktop to the app by entering your EndNote online credentials under Settings. The username / password would be the same that you’ve entered in the EndNote desktop under Preferences → Sync. You only need to enter these credentials once. 

Then, in the EndNote app, select the sync button in the upper left hand corner. All of your references and PDF attachments will be made available within the app, online, and within the desktop.

  1. PDF attachments are will sync along with the rest of your EndNote library to the iPad app. In order to conserve iPad storage space, PDF attachments are download on demand. If, once you’ve downloaded a PDF on the app, you’d like to annotate and keep it on your iPad, just select the Favorite button, which is heartshaped. When you sync the iPad app, those annotations you’ve made on the app will appear in your desktop library as well.

If you have any other questions, let us know.  

Meredith M. 

EndNote team member