Endnote for Ipad

Any news on the Ipad version of Endnote?

We are hard at work on the EndNote iPad app and plan to have it ready later this year. If there are any specific related questions or comments, please feel free to contact me directly.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

jason [DOT] rollins [AT] thomsonreuters [DOT] com

this is good news.  I am planning on using the iPad in the library for academic work, rather than my MacBook.  I need to be able to link notes to accurate references…any thoughts on this much appreciated. Also, I use 7notes to handwrite notes whilst on the move: any thoughts about integration with 7notes, or other handwriting recognition software?  I for one would appreciate such an option.  Thanks.

Hi - I seem to recall that tomorrow (15 Jan) was mentioned as the tentative release date for the iPad version - is that still the case?



The person whom I support is awaiting EndNote for iPAD. How will he receive notification?

Is there any way that I may be notified also?

I do not work from an iPAD.

Thank you!


Hi CMajors,

Thanks for checking in.

We’ve submitted the EndNote iPad App to Apple, so we expect it to go live very soon. Be sure to let the person you support know that if they register their copy of X6 at endnote.com/register, they’ll be the first to hear when the app is released.


EndNote for iPad is now available in the App Store for $0.99.

Sync with my EndNoteWeb library worked flawlessly (~600 references)

At first glance, looks to have the basic functionality to operate on the go.

I’m using it now.

You can only sync the records in Endnote Web which has a limit of 5G space.

This means you can’t dump all the records (up to 4000) in the library for desktop Endnote(Win7/Mac) and you can only sync up to 5GB of PDF attachment …

and this is not good at all …