how to sync btw Endnote for iPad and desktop version of Endnote(Win7) without via Endnote Web?

Suppose I don’t have an Endnote for Web account, how should I sync btw Endnote for iPad and desktop version of Endnote(Win7) ?


something like what the Papers for iPad can do: identify the Papers installed on a Mac and sync all records to iPad …

any advice is appreciated !!!

You need an EndNote Web account to sync. You can activeate the account that comes as part of your purchase of EndNote X6 through the desktop client (recommended), or sign- up for a free account from within the EndNote for iPad app. You do not necessarily ever need to use the web interface of EndNote but you do need an account for Sync to work.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thanks, Jason!

I’m wondering if the Endnote team should consider syncing Endnote for iPad and desktop Endnote directly (including the attachments) without Endnote Web in the middle. This will be far more efficient and the user can finally carry all their references with them … !

Hmm. I am not sure such a technology exists. We are using a standard “cloud-based Sync model” where EndNote Web is our cloud. I am not familiar with any other software tools that work across Windows Macintosh and iOS that use a different approach but am happy to look at examples if you send some along. If you want to plug your iPad physically into a Macintosh and move files using iTunes, that could potentially be an option but I very highly doubt that would be more efficinet.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Hi, Jason, the Papers software has both desktop (Mac) and iPad version. They can sync without a web-based cloud reference library.

Currently, I’m using Papers to manage all my reference on iPad : export all my Endnote reference with their attachments, import into desktop Papers for Mac, sync Papers for iPad and desktop.

If Endnote can do the same, I’ll definite go for it without all the export and import …

The important point is that you do not ever need to worry about using the web interface to sync between the desktop and iPad. In this case, the web is simply a behind-the-scenes conduit that helps move things back and forth.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thanks, Jason!

If that’s the case, the 5GB space for Endnote Web is a major limitation for some researchers like me who may have accumulated reference libraries far more than that. (my endnote library is around 20G: 4000+ records with their PDF attachments)

I’d like to ask if it’s possible to get more space for Endnote Web account.

Some programs make their files available when the iDivice is connected to a PC such as the native photos App and iTalk.