EndNote for Ipad

I am using EndNote for iPad. It will be very useful to include the dictionary function in the pdf reader.

Please contact at p.s.kumar@hotmail.com if there is any developments.

As with any public or semi-public forum, I suggest that you edit out your email address from the message or at least change to a user dot name at domain.com version to avoid attracting spam… 

I am not so familiar with forums. Could you please explain your last message.



Don’t post your email address.  From the options (eidt reply) you can edit your original message to remove it.  For any forum, you should avoid this, as there are robots that trawl sites such as these and then they send you junk mail.    

Sorry. Where can I find this option exactly. Do you mean it is somewhere in “My Settings”?

sorry, see attached to edit a post. 

Ok. Thanks. But I am still confused. What do I need to do now?

I would edit your original post to remove the email address.  They know who you are from the post itself, and the developers may (or maynot) contact you -  I am just another user trying to protect you and other forum users from opening up the doors to those who will spam publically posted email addresses!!!