EndNote formatting

Am using EndNotes 7, and Office2003 WORD; I encountered a strange problem: when trying to format a three pages document w/ only about a dozen references, WORD simply froze.

I immediately tried out a recently edited manuscript (far longer and many more citations), and unformatting / formatting work just fine.

I suspect the new WORD document has a hidden bug (?) - Any suggestion on how to debug?

Can you unformat the document.  If so, any citations that do not unformat with the rest are corrupted. As a possible workaround, use this FAQ to clean up the field codes, and then replace the problematic citations.

I know the FAQ it isn’t the problem you describe, but it is the easiest way to fix any corrupted references. 

Thanks for the suggestion; unformatting was fine;  I even removed all citations and then reinsert them, but WORD still freezes when formattiing is attempted.

Fortunately, it was a short document. After cutting / pasting into a new document, it formats normally.