"stripping" file of endnote references


I’m new to the forum and have joined in desperation as I seem to have done something to a large WORD file which includes hundreds of Endnote formatted references which makes the file very slow to work with. 

I think what I have done is to format the references before I needed to so each additional reference when added is requiring the whole set of references to reformat each time.

Is there a way of re-opening the file and “stripping” it of the Endnote references so that I can start again?

I am working with Endnote X4.


And which word processor?  I am not sure why it is slowing down, but you can work in the “unformatted” state, by unformating the citations (“unformat citations” tool in the Word, endnote toolbar or ribbon). .  DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, “remove  field codes”.  The first will take you to curly bracketed citations and you will need to format bibliography to generation the citations and bibliography when ready to submit.  Look for any remaining citations in regular parentheses.  Sometimes a citation gets corrupted, removing and reinserting it, will sometimes solve performance issues such as that you are experiencing. 

Hi Leanne

This sounds EXACTLY like what I want to do but I can’t see the option “unformat citations” in the Word Endnote toolbar.

I’m using a pc.

but what version of Word? It is in a different place in different versions.

from the help file:

Word 2003 : From Word’s Tools menu, go to the EndNote X4 submenu and Unformat Citation(s).

Word 2007 and 2010 : On the EndNote tab, in the Bibliography group, click Convert Citations and Bibliography and select Convert to Unformatted Citations .

If you are unformatting the entire document, this unformats all of the in-text citations and removes the current bibliography.

You can tell when a paper is unformatted because the citations appear in the temporary citation format (such as “{Smith, 1999 #25}”).

Unformatted citations are temporary placeholders that do not reflect final output. You can format the paper again at any time. To save the formatted paper as text, see Removing Field Codes.

Note: When you unformat citations, Instant Formatting is disabled. To format your paper : Word 2003 : Go to the Tools menu, then the EndNote X4 submenu, and choose Format Bibliography. Word 2007 and 2010 : On the EndNote tab, in the Bibliography group, click the corner arrow. From the Format Bibliography dialog, you can enable Instant Formatting again on the Instant Formatting tab.

Sorry Leanne.

Just found it - I’m using WORD 2010.

It’s on the Endnote tab, in the Bibliography group. I clicked on CONVERT CITATIONS AND BIBLIOGRAPHY and selected  CONVERT TO UNFORMATTED CITATIONS.

The only problem now is that the offending WORD file has frozen but perhaps if I force a log off, I will be able to do it.

Many thanks

You might want to try these steps to ensure there are no corrupt citations.  While the “phenotype” is not the same, the fix would be.