EndNote freezing when inserting page numbers

Hello everyone,

I recently started using EndNote for my master’s dissertation, and I am encountering a problem that is making it almost impossible to use. I am using the most recent version of Cite While You Write on my mac, OS Sierra 10.12.5. I have it linked to EndNote Web (created using an EndNote X7 desktop library on a university computer).

Almost every time I want to add a page number to a citation, I do what was taught to me by the university IT specialist: insert the citation, right-click, ‘Edit Citation(s)’, ‘More…’, then add in the page number. (I have tried this as well with suffix instead of page number but the same problem occurs.) Then when I click OK, EndNote freezes with message “Formatting Citation” forever. I eventually click cancel (which makes EndNote functions totally unresponsive) restart Word, and click “Update Citations and Bibliography”, and the page number is finally added. But this is process is way too cumbersome to do every time I need to insert a citation with a page number. 

I am pretty disappointed with EndNote so far and sincerely hope there is a workaround. This is taking much, much more time than simply doing the citations manually, which I have been doing for year. Thank you anyone for your help.

And it’s Microsoft Office 2016, version 15.35. Is it not possible to edit EndNote forum posts?

it is possible to edit from the Options dropdown on the right.  – call tech support.