"Insert selected citation(s)" with a page number


I would like to add a page number when I “insert a selected citation” from endnote to my word file if I have to.

Currently, I’m inserting the citation from endnote, “update the citiation and bibliography” in word (mac version), which takes forever because of file size and number of citations. Then, I right click on the citation, “edit citation”, “more” (pop-up window takes forever because of file size…), type in the page number, hit “Ok”, and the bibliography/citation update again (which takes forever because …).

Bottom line: Adding one citation with a page number: 5 minutes.

That MUSTN’T be the way. Please help or in the embarassingly worst case scenario I couldn’t believe: Please change immediately. I cannot be the only one…

Thanks so much!

Well, it sounds first like something might be competing with Endnote for resources, because it never takes me long even in a thesis with many citations, figures, tables, etc.  

But if you are willing to forgo the bells and whistles,  do what I do. Turn OFF instant formatting (on the endnote ribbon) and add your cited pages manually.  

basically – add the @ and pages  and they will be formatted (assuming you have the cited pages field included correctly in the citation template) when you update the citations and bibliography.  

{Gross, 2009 #26@51-52}

you still add the citation from endnote, but modify without having to “edit citation” rigmarole.