cannot insert page numbers in citations


i am using word for mac 2011

when i go to insert a page number in my citations

i go to edit, put in page number, it seems to accept it

but when i go back to my citation the page number has not been added

please help

You are probably using an output style where the “cited pages” field is not included in the citation template.  If you add it, ensure that the field is surrounded by |*Cited Pages|  where the * is the link adjacent character.  

In endnote,

Edit Output styles > edit “your style currently in use”

Citation  template   use the dropdown to insert the “link adjacent” character which in the image looks like a tiny centered diamond (although to my old eyes, it looks more like a tiny circle!)

Save as to a new name – and then go to your document, change the output style on the Endnote ribbon, – choose more styles to see your newly created one.  Update citations if necessary.