Endnote in text referencing, how to change '&' to 'and'?


I am using APA style referencing and I am required to have the word ‘and’ instead of ‘&’ in in-text referencing in my report.

For example Endnote produces (Smith & Kiloran, 2015)

However, I need (Smith and Kiloran, 2015)

How do I change this in endnote?

Greetings Sarah1,

To access this aspect of EndNote’s Edit Style window:

1.  Launch EndNote.

2.  In EndNote, click “Edit>Output Styles>Open Style Manager…”.

3.  Find the APA 6th output style on this list and double-click on its name.

4.  When the EdIt Style window appears, click the “Authour List” tab within the “Citations” section.

5.  You can modify the text within the “before last” field here.

6.  Click “File>Close Style” to save your customized style with a new name.

7.  Return to Word and choose your newly named output style when reformatting the Word document.

Please let me know if this helps.