Trouble to modify a reference style -

I try to modify APA 6th but having a trouble to save the modified style. 

I am using EndNote X7 (7.5) with microsoft WORD. 

My modification is really simple that just want to change numbers of list of authors in citation.

To do that, I followed: Edit > Output Styles > Edit "APA 6th"

Then, changed number of listed authers through Author Lists in the side manu. 

Then, click x.

In the popup window that asked me "Save changes to the EndNote sytle file “APA 6th” before closing?", 

I clicked " YES".

The following pupup window “Save As” , I clicked “Save”.

However,  the “Save As” Popup window comes again and again but not actually saved the modifiied referece

Does anyone can help on this issue?


You need to change the name.  If it is popping up again, it is possible you have changed the folder for styles to a read only location (like on a PC - the program folder location which is write protected).  you should have the folder preferences pointing to a my documents location which is not read protected.  Then Endnote looks in both places.  You can’t give the output style the same name as the original - as then there are two and Endnote doesn’t know which one to use, and usually defaults to the one in the write protected location.  

So 1)  edit preferences and see where your styles folder is located – it can’t be on the C: drive programs/endntoe/styles, it should be your user folder my document/endnote/styles location.  

  1. you give the edited output style a new name and you go to the word document and change the output style to this new named one.  You may have to view all styles and find it the first time, and then it will be in the dropdown.  Changing to this style in Endnote program doesn’t work, it has to be changed in the document on the endnote ribbon.  

Thanks for the comment. As you said, the style folder was in C drive and I moved this to my doucment folder. Then, all is good now. Thanks. 

Great.  FYI, You may leave the folder and styles in the C; drive location too - as that is the install location for original styles.  Any downloaded styles and edited styles get saved to the local folder defined in the preferences.  You don’t need to move the ones in the original location. Endnote looks in both places.