Only Helvetica for in-text citation and bibliography!?


I’m using Endnote X1 with Word 2008 (or at least, trying to), and it seems to only output in Helvetica size 12 even when I set the font in the bibliography layout settings to Cambria or Times New Roman size 9 or any other font. It also completely ignores the 0.5cm hanging indent.

Please help!

Word version 12.1.2

Endnote version X1 (Bld 2377)

OS Leopard 10.5.5


See if this thread helps

also, – What is the the underlying font that Word imposes as a result of the you are using?  Endnote usually picks up the document’s font. 

I’ve set the default Normal to Cambria size 10, but I want the bibliography to be size 8. The hanging indent is OK now, I set that up ok in the Bibliography Layout, but it’s still inserting the bibliography text as size 12 Helvetica. Interestingly, if I look at the Style of Bibliography text in Word it says "Font:(Default) Cambria, 10 pt, English (US), Justified, Line spacing: single, Space After: 10 pt, Widow/Orphan control. Also, for the in-text citations it’s putting brackets and ‘et al.’ in the correct Cambria size 10 font, but the name and year in Helvetica size 12… so like: (Brown et al., 2008)

Really weird problem, and it’s driving me insane.

If you edit the style and select the whole of the citation and format the style’s citation text to a specific font, you should be able to force the font to 8  (for example) for the whole of the citation texts.   (see attachment, citation.gif).  If they are set as “plain font” the face will come from the underlying paragraph font.   

I don’t think that Endnote automatically picks up the “bibliography style” from word’s style sheet. The bibliography usually is picked up from the last paragraph of the document. You can edit the style’s font, if you want it different from the general documents font size or face. (see attachment, biblio.gif). In your case, due to the complex paragraph handling, I would achieve what you want by following the directions in the thread here.   

The Layout tab of the Format Bibliography window only affects the Bibliography Title’s font, not the font of the references listed. And to apply it, you need to select the text  (for example, Insert the word Bibliography) select it and then apply the text formating. (see Word-en-layout.gif).

Does that make it any clearer? 

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Hi Leanne,

I am experiencing the same problem. All my in-text citations and bibliography are in Helvetica 12, whereas my body text style in Word is Times 11. Going into Endnot/Edit/Output Styles/Edit and manually defining the style for the citations and bibliography (n.b. select the text and right mouse clic) did the job for the bibliography, but the citations are still in Helvetica 12. 

I am working on a Mac with Endnote X1, Word 2008 version 12.1.3

Please advise

PS: infos such as prefix, suffix and specific pages added in the ‘Edit Citation’ come out in Times 11…

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I really try NOT to modify the citation formatting from the styles.  I try to set them as Plain Font and Plain Size, so that they will pick up the underlying text  font dictated by the surrounding text in the document. For the Bibliography, I try to make sure there are a few empty paragraphs at the end, which are the font I want for the bibliography.  Once that is established, even if you move it, the bibliography seems to maintain the font information. 

Make sure the Format Bibliography window is using the modified style, for that document.  

Try unformating everything, saving it as a new file, closing word and endnote and then reformat. (the equivalent of rebooting the computer, if all is not well).  While unformated and before saving/closing, delete any remnant bibliography and make sure those last empty paragraph with the correctly formatted font, are there. 

Always remember, that after unformating, you need to manually reengage CWYW from the format bibliography window, from the third tab after you have the document behaving as you wish.   

If this fixes the problem, hallelujah.  If not then–

Attach a short version of the formatted document (but I use Windows) and someone can look at it and try to figure out what is controlling the output font.  Attaching the current style you are using would also be prudent.   

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Only way I was able to fix it was to create a new library. Luckily I didn’t have many references so it didn’t take long. Not sure why it happened in the first place but I haven’t had the same problem since thankfully.

That would suggest to me that the records themselves had the Font defined/applied to the titles or authors? 

Glad it was fixable.  

If you apply font setting to text in the library, usually a result of copying and pasting from other applications into the reference, EndNote will use those font settings.  You would want to remove the font settings from the text in the library by highlighting the text and using Apple+L.