Endnote is incredibly slow especially with large pdf library


I am facing huge slowing down in Endnote on macOS 10.10.5 (Yosemite). I suspect that it comes from heavy pdf files present in the library. I have many pdf files whose sizes reach several MB (around 10MB).

Each time I scroll down, make some quick searches or click on a reference that contains a pdf article or book, I have the colored wheel for many seconds, sometimes minutes that appears. It is impossible to continue working this way. Updating from 7.4 to 7.5.3 did not change anything. 

Developing team must address this issue in a coming or new version. 

Anything to suggest in the meantime? like reinstalling? 



Yes, I’m struggling with the same problem. I have some documents that are multiple 10s of MB, which can lock up EN for as long as 30 sec when clicking on the entry, e.g., to insert ref into Word.

It would nice if EN offered an option, like a user-settable size over which documents are not loaded, and perhaps a way to load the doc on user request.

I never scroll through docs in EN; I only use the link to open the doc in the OS X Preview app. Having EN process the entire PDF is a total waste of time.