endnote is showing duplicate references when they aren't in my library,help ...!

dear friends,

i am doing references for someone else on a word document they have supplied with an endnote library that i have compiled for this task.

when i do CWYW i am sometimes seeing that there are duplicate versions of references

and duplicate references are reappearing in the references whenever i insert a reference

but these duplicates are not in my library, i’ve checked …

are they being picked up from the travelling library, what is that?

the duplicates are causing endnote to keep adding a’s b’s etc after the year because it thinks that duplicate references are different works by the same author in the same year,and it’s trying to help me

currently my references list at the end is a mess - can anybody help?

i thought i could handle this by clearing out duplicates - but i’ve done that and they keep coming back

What version of Endnote are you (and the collaborator) using? 

Check that your Preferences are set to “merge duplicates” in the Edit>preferences>formating options.

If you aren’t sure if there are references in the paper, that you don’t have in your library, export the travelling library to a new library.  Make a copy of the manuscript.  On the copy, Unformat the bibliography, and then reformat the bibliography, with just your library open.  If there are any refs that aren’t in your library you can retrieve them from the library you exported the travelling library to.  Depending on the version of Endnote, you may have to reassociate the references that were inserted by someone else from a different library, but they will probably match those in your library and be easy to reselect.

Re-enable CWYW from the third tab of the “format bibliography” dialog. 

Thank you for this advice!!! It just saved me a whole lot hassel and answerefd a qution I have been trying to figure out for months!!!