Not recognizing Citations


I have Endnote X2 (justpurchased a newer version, but haven’t installed yet) and am running into a problem with CWYW in Word.  Basically, what is happening is that when I go to Edit Citations, some of the citations are not recognized as citations in the document.  I’ve noticed that this specifically happens when I used multiple computers to edit a document.  The citations will all be correct, then I’ll switch computers (thereby creating a travelling library).  When I switch back to the original computer the original libraries are never re-referenced and only the travelling library is used for all citations and some citations are not reognized as even existing! 

Has anyone else had this problem?  I was using Track Changes.  I shut off Track Changes, but that didn’t help.  Its a very odd problem.  I cannot seem to access my original library.  Everything stays in the travelling library – and some citations are uneditable. 

Any suggestions are appreciated.


And have you tried the first thing one should always try?  Make a copy, unformat the citations (not remove) to the curly bracketed form, and then reformat?