Endnote LATEX integration

Latex integration has been suggested before, but I would like to expand on it. A couple of functions are need:

  1. Autogenerate labels. This perhaps would be similar to the PDF renaming function. The usual standard would be Author, Year, then “b”, “c” etc for duplicates, so “Smith2013”, “Smith2013b”, “Smith2014”. Note that Latex requires NO spaces or non-ASCII characters in the citation key. Maybe the “Change/Move/Copy Fields” functionality could be enhanced?
  2. Copy function enhanced. On the mouse right-click or the Edit menu a “Copy Latex Citation Command”, e.g. the text “\cite{Smith2013}” or “\cite{Smith2013,Smith2014}” for multiple citations.

I have an edited style in EndNote desktop that automatically adds a unique key to the reference data exported to BibTeX, like so:-

@article{ RN304 ,
author = {Brown, V. J.},
title = {Radionuclides in Fracking Wastewater: Managing a Toxic Blend (vol 122, pg A50, 2014)},
journal = {Environmental Health Perspectives},
volume = {122},
number = {6},
pages = {A149-A149},
ISSN = {0091-6765},
url = {<Go to ISI>://WOS:000338926500003},
year = {2014},
type = {Journal Article}

Then have another style that displays the reference’s citation, like so:-


To insert the citation, if I can remeber the key I could type it but otherwise I could use CTRL+K in EndNote to copy the citation and paste it into my document.

Unfortunately it does not cope so well with multiple citations:-

 \cite{RN302} \cite{RN283}

Regards, Bob.