Multiple citations

Hi all,

I would like to add multiple citations in my word file. Endnote does allow to have a separator “,” between two citations but it is not allowing to have “,” in first two and “and” in the last one.

Can anyone suggest

Endnote gives : Adam, E.L., 2009, Dave, C.V., 2000, Miare, D. et. al., 2005

Required :  Adam, E.L., 2009, Dave, C.V., 2000 and Miare, D. et. al., 2005


Not possible automatically.  I think the Developers will want to know which publication requires this?  

You can put <space> and<space in the prefex of what will be the last citation.  (edit citation>more) but it will end up with an Oxford comma

Adam, E.L., 2009, Dave, C.V., 2000, and Miare, D. et. al., 2005

Thank you for your reply. I have been trying this since long. There are many journals who don’t specify this requirement but this looks legitimate requirement as the last publication in the list should be followed by “and”.

Well none of the science journals I read or write for do this?  This isn’t a “grammar” issue as it isn’t a sentence? 

And what if there were a series of 2 author papers in the citation? adding another “and” prior to the last one would really look odd?  

Adam, E.L. and Dave, C. V., 2009, Dave, C.V. and Maire, D., 2000, and Miare, D. and George, T., 2005