multiple entries of same author


I am trying to figure out how to have multiple entries for the same author in a document and have those citations reflected in the bibliography. (Smith 2017a) (Smith 2017b) and so forth.

I’m using Harvard style 

Endnote 8x

Word 2016

Thx for your help


If you’re using the same reference, a book etc, for as reference multiple times you simply insert the same reference from EndNote every time. If you reference something twice in a row from the same reference you can use (ibid) instead.

However, if you add two references with the same name twice in EndNote and you use both they’ll show up as Reference a and Reference b.

So is it not working for you?  What are you seeing instead?  Usually it would be combined if there is no space between the two inserted citations (Smith et al, 2000a, 2000b)  but if you ensure there is a space between them, it would appear separately as you typed it.