EndNote Library and Data File Disappeared


I’m hoping to maybe find an answer here. One of my colleagues (a Mac user) created two libraries in EndNote X9 in a Desktop folder, and after a few months both libraries spantaneously disappeared. They tried searching their hard drive using Finder, nothing. What’s even more strange is that they have been able to create and save new libraries just fine (all in the same Desktop folder), and have access to older libraries.

They are also finding that now, when they use the Word plugin, they are unable to search for citations (it comes up with 0 results for citations that are currently in the library). They have used the Word plugin in the past without issue.

So a few questions:

  • How did the files spontaneously disappear? Any ideas on where they could have gone/has anyone else experienced this?
  • My colleague had used the disappeared libraries in the past (before they disappeared) to add citations to a document via the Word plugin. They still have the original document, with all of the original EndNote codes in the document (NOT plain text, it’s actual EndNote code). Is there a way to somehow reverse engineer the citations back into EndNote?
  • Any ideas for the Word plugin?

My colleague is also going to contact EndNote support. Will post an update here if we get one! Thank you so much in advance!