EndNote library problem!


I use to use EndNote x7 but now I install EndNotex9 . I uninstall EndNotex7 and delete its library. when I open EndNote x9, it give a below message that it do not know what should I do?!!

Are you sure you would like to continue opening the EndNote Library ‘C:USERS\M\Desktop\my EndNote Library.enl’’ without the associated. Data folder?

You are attempting to open an EndNote library without its associated. Data folder. This is not recommended because it may result in the loss of data including, but not limited to: reference information, file attachments, and term lists.

In order to prevent the loss of data you should locate the original. Data folder and copy it to the same location as the EndNote library you are attempting to open. The data folder was created in the same directory in which the EndNote library was originally create.

would you please help and tell me what should I do step by step?


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