endnote losing refernce links

using end note 7.3.1  word 2010 am losing random links to citations

can manually recover then lose them again occuring acoss the board

some citations are ok others not…thanks for any assistanace

I think someone (tech support?) at www.endnote.com/support will need to look at your document and talk about your workflow.  Need more info on how you are inserting, is anyone else working the paper, and if so with the same software, via a cloud, etc.  Losing from the manuscript for from your library?  – using the online or desktop version (sometimes, all the time). working on the same computer or various comuputers.  

1 many people are contributing o paper same office version, not  all using endnote only one person is doing citations

  1. Inserting using endnote tab insert citation

  2. manuscript

  3. desktop version

so on a shared drive of some sort.  Any version control?  

I suspect that is the problem.  – best to save as unformated in temporary citations {author, year #recno or perhaps lable}, - as the endnote fields  could get corrupted or lost, if people without endnote, who don’t understand the whole “field” thing, move part of the grey field, or delete some hidden code, accidentally.  

that makes a lot of sense 

trying a work around  will update you when we get some results

thanks leanne