EndNote needs a search "hits" counter

I have thousands of articles in my EndNote database file. When I run a search, even a complex and narrow one, I often get hundreds of hits. It would be a dream come true if EndNote could provide a count of HOW MANY TIMES my search criteria were found inside PDFs (for example). If I knew that ten articles mentioned my search terms numerous times, whereas the other two hundred articles mentioned my search terms once or twice, I would instantly know which ones would be worth spending my limited time reading and which ones would be better to ignore at the time. Thus, I think it would be helpful if you could figure out how to make EndNote a more powerful search engine to help us focus our very limited time on key stuff. In a sense, I suppose that I am suggesting more data analytics for research results. I’ve seen various databases that provide analytics to help us map out research fields, journals, etc. Perhaps EndNote could be taken to the next level by something that helps it be more than a collector and repository, but to actually help us do more with the information (that is, be more intellectually helpful) once we have it on hand (beyond just citations and references). Hope this helps and keep up the good work!