term lists improvement


this is a product suggestion we received from a customer who probably was RefMan user before:

The longer I am using EndNote, the more serious deficits I find. Duplicate detection for example. Reference Manager was far better regarding this. RefMan detected duplicates already on import. In EndNote, you have to start duplicate detection manually each time and the results are poor. Either the  filter is too permeable  and I am importing references I have already collected (partly with full text attached) or it is too narrow and I am finding too many similar (but not equal) references, for example the same article with similar title published in two different journals or articles that are split in two parts. Keeping duplicates in the library for a longer period of time is not a good idea, especially if you cite the references from the library in your papers and do not recognize that you the original once and the duplicate next time. Also removing the duplicate cited in Word from the library later is not a good idea.
In my view, there is really a need for improvement in this program that claims to be number one for academic literature management. A lot of things are just too primitive designed, which makes daily work unpleasant.