EndNote Product Suggestion

In Reference Manager, when I am working in a database and I click on one of the references, then at the bottom it will show that I am on Reference 12 of 500 and if I go to the next reference in the list, it will show I am on reference 13 of 500, etc. We are now using EndNote X8 and I would like to have this same feature. Instead, when I click on a reference in EndNote, it instead says “Showing 500 of 500” as opposed to 12 of 500 or 13 of 500 as in Reference Manager. 

I have a database of over 6200 references and I would like to know what ‘number’ I am on out of all of those references so that I will know how many I have left to sort through. I asked Tech Support how to activate this feature in EndNote X8 but was told that it is not available. Can you please add this feature to the next update of the EndNote X8 software? Thank you.