Endnote online and sharing Word document

Pardon my ignorance however I have searched with no luck.

I am trying to share (email) a word document that has in-text citations that I added via end-note online. My intention is to have my colleagues be able to read my paper clearly and edit content/add citations appropriately.

Once I click the “update citations and bibliography” button on the end-note tab in microsoft word, it formats it appropiately with clean-looking superscript in-text citations and updates the bibliography. However, once I email this version to others they are unable to edit the citations etc. 

Is the solution to simply email my colleagues the version of the word document with in-text citations before I hit the “update citations and bibliography” (for an example: here is how an in-text citation may look)

The role of specific MP is still being defined…{Owens, 2011, Microparticles in hemostasis}

However, will this work if they use the desktop version of end-note and not end-note online like myself?

Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated!