Endnote output style of the Journal "Thorax"


I m looking for the output style of Thorax.

Any suggestions where i can find it.

I saw that the style of BMJ is not equal to the one of Thorax,

Thanks for any help


Very strange.  On the Thorax pages, they say

Instructions for Authors

For guidelines on policy and submission across our journals, please click on the links below:
Manuscript preparation  which points to the BMJ instructions.  There they give a template you can download.  

(Ithe link goes here http://journals.bmj.com/site/authors/preparing-manuscript.xhtml))

 On http://journals.bmj.com/site/authors/preparing-manuscript.xhtml  They point to a template (the text includes a link (“via Endnote”) Isn’t it the correct one?  It seems odd that the next sentence is a bit unclear about TheBMJ being different.  

So where are the instructions specific to Thorax?  


Preparing the reference list
References must be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are mentioned in the text.
Only papers published or in press should be included in the reference list. Personal communications or unpublished data must be cited in parentheses in the text with the name(s) of the source(s) and the year. Authors should request permission from the source to cite unpublished data.
Journals from BMJ use a slightly modified version of Vancouver referencing style (see example below). The style template is available via Endnote. Note that The BMJ uses a different style.