endnote output style

Hi,  I am required to use the Oxford modified style as required by the HASS department of the UNSW.  Can anyone help me with a download?  many thanks David

Unclear what the modifications “as required by the HASS department” would be but did you check the EndNote Output Styles database?  There seems to be about 7 different Oxford styles (see attached image) - maybe one might fit or come close to (with some modifications) the HASS department’s requirements.

EndNote Output Style Database 

Hello, David:

To add to what CrazyGecko said, if you find a version that is pretty similar, it can also be edited to suit your exact needs. Simply post an example both as the style is appearing now and how you wish it to appear, and we can help direct you on how to make the changes necessary to the style to get the result you want.

I hope this helps!