Display record number or ID during Find Reference Updates/ update last Access field

I didn’t see this suggestion when I searched, so here goes,

I regularly search for updates to ~ 1000 references.  In the previous version (X7.7.1) I wrote a script so I wouldn’t have to sit around and tell endnote to update each reference.  Now EndNote X8 has implemented just such a feature (THANKS!), but there is a small problem.  When it looks for updates, it sometimes crashes (stops responding) in the middle, previously it displayed the record number it had gotten up to (where it was crashing), so I could start again from there.  Now it just states that it is finging updates “Finding updates for xxx of xxx reference(s) selected …,” so no record number is displayed.  When it gets part of the way through and stalls, There is really no way to tell which reference it was up to (since I have it finding reference updates based on a smartgroup search, once it has changed the access date - another problem - the count no longer makes sense for that search since the search changes which references are displayed based on that criteria.

To be specific:

  1. I created a smartgroup that displays references based on when the Access Date field was changed.
  2. I created a Groups based on Groups that uses that smartgroup and adds some limits
  3. I select all the references found by that GoG and do a Find Reference Updates
  4. The only thing I see in EndNote X8 is the attached screenshot
  5. If the procedure fails/stalls/becomes non-responsive I have no way of telling what reference it was up to because it also DOESN’T update the Access Date field of records that have not been updated (even though there is another field called Last Updated).


Please either have the search update the Access date field (why not?), or have some indication of what record is being updated.

Feel free to contact me at thomas.zucker-scharff@einstein.yu.edu
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