Endnote Remote Libraries

Dear Endnote,

                       I have been working with Endnote with libraries on my work and home computers accessing my online Endnote Library. I have noticed that the record numbers are different in the work and home computers. This makes adding citations from work and home librariries into the same document quite complicated in that the generated bibliography will not find references added from the other computer (endnote library). This must be a particular problem when several people are working on the same document where the record numbers will almost always be different. Endnote won’t find the record in the local library. I realize there are work-around solutions i.e. only generating the bilbliography from one computer or generating the bibliography at the end of each session and saving the document before opening it on another computer. But these work arounds are not satisfactory solutions because authors will often wish to edit their references and regenerate references with a different format and there is the multiple author issue. 


The solution may entail:

  1. The endnote online library includes the record numbers from the original library.

  2. Secondary libraries would download the same record numbers as the online library, not generate new record numbers.

The other smaller issue I have is would it be possible to “insert citation” while the record is open on the local endnote library. It needs to closed, so one has to close the library before inserting a citation. It’s a minor inconvenience, but if the reference is already saved on the library one should be able to insert it.

Gary Marks