Record Number

Dear all,

I have a question: Suppose I have two computers with Endnote. Article “A” has a record number 100 in computer 1, while has a record number 102 in computer 2. If I write a paper using Endnote in computer 1, what will happen when I edit it in computer 2. Will the record numbers conflict?



The “traveling” library and duplicate settings will resolve the apparent conflict, even if you insert one from each of the two different libraries, as long as you are using MSWord and the document is formated.  If you work with CWYW off, then when you try to format the document on computer 2, it will prompt and say somethin akin to  “There isn’t an exact match, is this one (rec 102) the one you are looking for?” 

Thanks for your answer. This is a good solution. But actually that is inconvenient when you exchange your documents back and forth with your advisor. Do you have a better way to avoid importing and exporting each time?

If you are sharing a formatted document with your advisor, there isn’t a problem.  The references will stay as they are, as all the information is in the traveling library embedded in the document.  That was the first sentence of the reply. 

The second was an alternative scenario (since I tend to work with CWYW off).