Looking for a workaround to the Record Number issue

Hello, I try to figure out a workaround to get a shared library with the same record number on every computer. We are working with 12 people on a library containing more than 12.000 references. To work on the same Word document we need the same record number, otherwise the citation will show up as “traveling library”. The solution offered by tech support “endnote.com/kb/131973” doesn’t solve the iissue since this will only change the document with one user. The next user opening the document will have the same problem. I tried to copy the shared Lib from the local copy C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\EndNote\Libraries to another computer but this causes endnote to freeze as soon as it starts synchronizing. Any Idea on how this can be done (the 12 people are all working in the same building and copy the files to all computer would not be a great issue) Thanks for reading have a great day

Do they have access to a network drive that can be write protected?  – I would make a copy to that location (as someone who has “write privileges”) and then both the .enl and the essential .DATA folder would be located for all to open, and if it is only openned by users with read-only privileges, they get a warning that you can’t write to it, but no problems and the record numbers never change.  – We do that and have a write version where the .enl and .DATA folders are copied by a script each night from the write folder to the read folder.