Endnote selectively syncs changes to references between two computers and Endnote Online

My set-up is currently as follows: Endnote installed on work computer (Windows), which is set up so that I can open it on effectively every computer at my workplace. Endnote is also installed on my laptop (Macbook) and iPad. I sync between my work computer and laptop via Endnote Online.

Unfortunately when I make changes to references after importing a PDF into Endnote (i.e. the file will often simply be imported without any further information and only the name of the file, thus meaning that I need to type the title, author, etc.), these changes do not always sync to Endnote Online, and thus will also not sync to the other computer. It does not seem to matter which computer the changes are initially implemented on, and the error does not occur with all references – some references will sync with all changes, whereas others will not sync with any changes at all, and some will sync with changes to the author and title but not, for example, to the ‘research notes’ field. Changes in the PDF document itself (e.g. highlighting) sync fine. 

I’ve already tried resetting sync following the instructions provided by Endnote customer support, which solved the issue for about a week or two. Unfortunately the problem has now returned. The only thing that I can think of is the fact that my work computer’s files are located on the office network, as I’ve read that having one’s Endnote database synced via cloud services (such as Dropbox) can corrupt the database. Would this be a comparable issue in my case? Or is there another solution that I could still try? 

The only other issue that I can think of is that I use Dropbox to sync documents I am currently working on between my work and home computer; there are Endnote references in these documents. 

Is it the document or the database that isn’t reflecting the changes?  

It’s the database (so indirectly also the documents of course, but the main issue is the database).

Then I am not sure. 

I too use a network, so I can access my library from any computer at work.  I know that the developers frown on this, but I have been doing it for 17+ years, so I don’t see any reason to change now!  I have opted not to rely on “sync” as it messed up my record numbers which my print collection relies on. (yes, I still have the 1985-early 2000s papers as hard copies filed by record number!).  Sooo I have copied the original record number into an unused field for safe keeping.  At home, I use my laptop and don’t really update the copy that I saved to it at home, I just update it as needed when I bring it into the office.  The desktop at home, I rarely use for writing these days, but when I do, I vpn in and copy the current library to it and then disconnet.    

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