Endnote X6 sync issue (between Windows and Mac)

Hi all,

I have synced my Endnote X6 database from my PC, and then downloaded it onto Endnote X6 Mac (no sync errors/issues).

However, I have discovered that when I add new references to a file on my Mac that was created on my PC (using the above database), it changes a whole pile of my references, making them incorrect. I thought that Endnote Web was supposed to fix that problem?

Has anyone got a solution? Or has anyone had this problem? Is there another way I can sync?

This is causing me a serious headache as I have thousands of references that I now need to go through and check to see if they are still correct.

Thanks for your help!

Has this issue been adequately answered anywhere? I have the same problem.  You can’t format your citations/bibliography on two computers, even when the libraries are properly synced.  There are always a number of citations that link incorrectly due to the different ID numbers on each computer. Is there a fix?

I have the same problem, even between 2 pc’s with windows and the copying the same library in the 2.

Can somebody give us any solution?

I cannot trust on my references when I’m working with different computers.