Endnote Stye Editing in MEDLINE(NLM).ens and PubMed(NLM) connection File

Dear Forum Members!

Once again i came up with new problem to help me out. I need the following information to be extracted from PubMed in MEDLINE FORMAT.

AU  - Author
FAU  - Full Author
TI  - Title
SO  - Journal Year;Volume|(Number)|:Pages
MH  - Keywords
AB  - Abstract
PMID  - PubMed Unique Identifier
OWN  - Owner
STAT  - Status
DA  - Date Created
DCOM  - Date Completed
LR  - Date Last Revised
VI  - Volume
IP  - Issue
PG  - Pagination
AD  - Affiliation
LA  - Language
SI  - Secondary Source ID
GR  - Grant Number
PMC - PubMed Central Identifer
PT  - Publication Type
DP  - Date of Publication
PL  - Place of Publication
TA  - Journal Title Abbreviation
JT  - Journal Title
JID  - NLM Unique ID
CI  - Copyyright Information
IRAD  - Investigator Affiliation
BTI  - Book Title
ED  - Editor
FED  - Full Editor Name
EN  - Edition
AID  - Article Identifier
CTI  - Collection Title
CN  - Corporate Author
CRDT  - Create Date
DEP  - Date of Electronic Publication
EDAT  - Entrez Date
LID  - Location Identifier
MID  - Manuscript Identifier
MHDA  - MeSH Date
GN  - General Note
RF  - Number of References
PST  - Publication Status
PUBM  - Publishing Model

I am trying to change this element field but the data are not being saved. I am enclosing the two files .ens as well as connection file .enz. Can any one help me out to edit and revert me these two files at shriram.bioinformatics.librarian@gmail.com

I need these above field to be incorporated so that i can fetch data from pubmed.

Please help.
PubMed (NLM).enz (5.16 KB)
Medline (NLM).ens (17.1 KB)

Version of Endnote and operating system?  If you can’t save the edited files, that may be because you have your perferences pointing to a folder in Programs folder which is write protected or assumed to be write protected by Endnote.