Medline ? Output Style help requested

Dear all !!

for uploading endnote search in one online database I need following style output, given as follow:

The bold strings are absolutely necessary, unless the Italian server is going to block any transfer.

Has someone an idea how to resolve it in one elegant way , may I ask someone of you for one output style

OS: WinXP SP3, EndNoteX1 (alternativeley X3 on another pc avaiable)

Cheeres and many thanks


FN File type
VR File format version number
PT Publication type (e.g., Book, Journal, Book in series)
AU Author(s) *
AF Author Full Name
CA Group Authors
TI Article title *
ED Editors
SO Full source title *
LA Language
DT Document type
CT Conference Title
CY Conference Date
HO Conference Host
CL Conference Location
SP Conference Sponsors
DE Author keywords
ID Keywords Plus
AB Abstract
C1 Author address
RP Reprint address
EM E-mail address
FU Funding Agency and Grant Number
FX Funding Text
CR Cited references
NR Cited reference count
TC Times Cited
PU Publisher
PI Publisher city
PA Publisher address
J9 29-character source abbreviation
JI ISO source abbreviation
SE Book series title
BS Book Series Subtitle
PY Publication year *
PD Publication date
VL Volume
IS Issue
PN Part number
SU Supplement
SI Special issue
BP Beginning page
EP Ending page
PG Page count
AR Article number
DI Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
SC Subject category
GA ISI document delivery number
UT ISI unique article identifier *
ER End of record

XX - informazione comune
* - campo obbligatorio

If you’re importing references from Medline into an EndNote library you need to use an “Import Filter” (not an output style).  EndNote has various Medline filters - did you test using one or more filters? (Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT > IMPORT FILTERS > OPEN FILTERS MANAGER.)

If you know the provider you might be able to identify which Medline filter to use, otherwise you may need to try each one when importing a text file of your Medline search results.

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Dear CrazyGecko

thx for the promt answer.

Well I have just my database in Endnote, imported via pubmed/medline.

I really have to generate a output plane *.txt file with the mentioned form and abbreviation thus the special software can afterwords import it in an other datatbase. This it should really be an output file format.

the authors should have follwoing form:

i-e- Clinton B, Jobs St, …

Thanks for the clarification as it wasn’t clear to me that you’ve already imported the Medline references into EndNote.

You could export the Medline references from the EndNote library using the tab delimited output style file but you’ll need to identify both the Medline fields and how they correspond to EndNote reference fields. As shown in the attached image, EndNote exports data as a tab delimited file based on EndNote field names, not Medline field names.

In order to adjust the EndNote tab delimited output style file to accommodate the Medline fields suggest you first draw up a list of Medline-to-EndNote field names in order to identify what adjustments will be needed for the EndNote tab delimited output style file.  Since you say you’ve already imported the Medline data into EndNote identifying the fields should be simple. (Also note that there are Medline field names which do not correspond to EndNote fields so unclear whether that data imported into EndNote correctly. If not  you may need to adjust EndNote fields (or the Medline import) or omit the Medline data field.)

For example:

Medline field name —> corresponding to EndNote field name

AU Author(s) *      —> Author

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Dear CrazyGecko

it seems logic and possible. nevertheless it doesn´t work in the right way (…probably due to  my knowledge or …what else)

Do you see any possibility to send you directly (mail?) the imported endnote file, thus recieving back one plain *.txt file in the right way. I know… lot of work, but I have to upload my data file to another URL side as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the author´s names should be in the following format:; Bill C, Obama B,  Can this managed with the tab deliminated output file in the same procedure

thanks in adavance :smiley_cat:


 Somewhere else there is a similar thread, but I can’t find it for the life of me. 

You mean you want the first name but only the initial of the surname?  Or did you just use a bad example?  You want the surname followed by the initial of the given name with no punctuation?  You want them on one line separated by a comma or on separate lines? The one I have attached, puts them on separate lines, but removing the line-breakAU - from the between before last and adding a comma<space>, will fix that in “authors lists” in bibliography settings. 

I am assuming that you want something similar to the output produced for the RIS export/output style, but with the headings you specify and I assume you have matching fields. But I forsee problems, as I don’t think there is a way for you to export the beginning and end page numbers separately from the endnote database, unless you have entered those into separate fields. For example, I don’t know what the FN and VR field equivalents are in your database.  One would need to know what custom field alterations you have made so those could be used in producing a “Generic” list, which could be copied and pasted into each of the Bibliography templates and adjust the “Publication type” entry there. 

The attached RIS would be a start, but without more information on the exact field names for each of your items in the Endnote library, I certainly can’t build you the export file, but tech support at TR might if you contact them directly?   

RefMan (RIS) Export adjusted.ens (278 KB)

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There are a couple of key pieces of information needed to aid in modifying the EndNote Tab Delimited output style file:

  1. Making a list that identifies the Medline fields and how they correspond to the EndNote fields by reference type.  If Medline references are limited to journal articles only then one list is needed. However, if Medline references include other reference types (e.g., Conference Papers, Books, etc.) then you’ll need to make one list per reference type that identifies the Medline-to-EndNote fields.  As Leanne noted in her post there are assorted Medline fields (e.g., FN, VR, PT, CA, etc.) which we can’t identify how they’re imported into EndNote especially if you changed existing EndNote fields or used the Custom fields. You need to identify how they’re being imported.  Without a clear map that identifies the Medline fields and how they are being “funneled” into the receiving EndNote fields for each reference type it’s impossible to modify the Tab Delimited output style or configure a new output style that will work correctly.

2. It would also be useful to know what EndNote import filter you used to import the Medline text file into EndNote and a sample text fle.

Besides the key issue described in item #1, there’s also a problem regarding the author names. According to the Medline field list in your original posting there are multiple fields corresponding to the author names: AF Author Full Name, CA Group Authors, and a new field AU Author(s) *.  If all Medline fields are directed to be imported into EndNote’s “Author” field then there will be multiple versions appearing in the EndNote Author field. Also note Leanne’s second posting regarding the appearance of the authors names and I think your format of having multiple authors appear with the first author in First Name + Last Name Initial followed by the second author as Last Name + First Initial is a format that doesn’t appear to be an available option in EndNote. So this may require modifying the Medline text file to accommodate the appearance of the first author only then importing the file into EndNote.

Due to the number of issues involved, suggest you go directly to tech support:

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