Is there a PubMed bibliography style?

I’m being asked increasingly to format bibliographies like they are in PubMed’s summary format, e.g.,

Dini G, Castagnola E, Comoli P, van Tol MJ, Vossen JM. Infections after stem cell transplantation in children: state of the art and recommendations. Bone Marrow Transplant. 2001 Aug;28 Suppl 1:S18-21.

:angry: Automatic emoticons?! Really?! What kind of forum do you think we have here? The text in question, chosen at random, has a 1 followed by a colon followed by S18, and I can’t find a way to turn the emoticons off. For Pete’s sake . . .

Anyway, silliness aside, is there an output style that does this already, that uses the standard NLM journal abbreviations? Or, which style might be best to modify?

This mode of referencing is becoming the norm at many companies for FDA submissions, and also for their Med Affairs publications. Could be a useful style to include. . .

Ah, found it! NLM style is very close. The journal names seem a bit odd, but it will do as a very good start.


Journal names will be defined by the output style, IF you have a properly set up Journal Tems list. 

NLM by default is set to “Abbreviation 1”.  If a Journal isn’t in the Journal Terms list, it will default to use the version in the Journal field of the library. 

This is often overlooked by users.  By default, Endnote starts creating a terms list - usually incorrectly, from imported records.  For example PubMed usually has two Journal name fields, and the correct “full name” or abbreviation doesn’t necessarily get into the right column.  Hence, for EACH LIBRARY, you should ensure there is a correct Journal Terms list.  You can get more information on how to set up a Journal Terms list in the Endnote Knowledge Base or via this link.

I would then also turn off the update terms list (so you don’t introduce new journal with the incorrect placement).  This is in Edit> Preferences, and then to Terms List options, and turn of the 2nd and 3rd option.