Endnote tries to convert ALL Brackets () into citations?


I have the following problem: Out of the sudden, endnote tries to convert every pair of brackets into a citation (and apparently does not succeed).

Assume the following text:

“This is an citation according to the American Psychologigal Association (APA)”

-> When I "Update the Citations"Endnote tries to find a reference called APA in the library (which is apparently not there).

This is quite annoying, since I have to hit about 200 Times “Ignore” when I update the References (or insert a new refernce, since this come a long with an update of all reference).

On another computer I do not have this problem. 

Any Ideas what I did wrong?

(Configuration: Endnote X3, Word 2007, Windows XP)

It sounds like the the temporary citation delimiters have been changed from {} to ().  This could be a one off for the document at hand, which can be corrected in the format Bibliography menu box (on the first tab) or a systemic change in endnote preferences (from Endnote, edit preferences> Temporary Citations. 

Hi Leanne,

thx a lot, that was the solution to my problem! (no idea how that happend …?!)