end note brackets

Hello hello,

I am a researcher at Monash University who has been using your product since 2011. 

Right now, I am writing a thesis and here is my problem:

End Note recognizes every ( ) as an in-text citation, even when I don’t intend it to. 

For example in the following sentence: Uniyal’s research revealed that photo-sharing (26.4%) is the second most popular activity on Facebook after status updates (33%).

And every time I “edit citation” the END NOTE window POPS UP and prompts me to “insert citation” even if I didn’t want to because that’s not what I meant.

Then I tried unformatted citations, but after a while, just got tired of it as well because it gets messy.

If anyone knows of a way to solve this issue, please please please let me know.

I don’t want to ruin my Facebook thesis because of poor citation and referencing.

Thank you.

Jo Leen
EndNote X6 user

It sounds like the the temporary citation delimiters have been changed from {} to ().  This could be a one off for the document at hand, which can be corrected in the format Bibliography menu box (on the first tab) or a systemic change in endnote preferences (from Endnote, edit preferences> Temporary Citations). 

P.S. I notice you have posted this in other places – once is really enough.  – can you edit the others and delete them??? 

oh okay. yes, thanks.

Yeah, I initially posted this in General and then the Mod said to post in How-To. I’ll delete them. thanks again :slight_smile: