EndNote uwe process when editing a document that was created by another person

At my work we are still using version X4. I would like to know what the correct process is for making edits to a document that has a bibliography created with EndNote when you don’t have the library. I usually open the document and export the traveling library so that I have a clean library to work with which has all the current bibliography sources in it. I then add references to the new library that I want to include in my document. However, I have learned that people in my group just open up the document they are going to edit and then use a library that contains references from their current literature search and not what is currently in the document that they will be adding to. Is there a proper way to make edits to a word docment that you may not have worked on before and don’t have the original library?

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With EndNote X4, your process is the best way to go. Keep in mind that Library Sharing will be available starting tomorrow with an update to EndNote X7: