Multiple people updating or editing the same endnotes

Hi all,

I’m obviously new to the software. I’m working with a few people scattered across 3 companies. We want to use EndNotes. We’re all working on the same project and we want to keep track of our endnotes together. 

The issues we’re having.

I want to know when one of my colleagues is updating the endnotes.

I don’t want to overwrite the endnotes that one of my colleagues has updated.

What are the best practices for sharing/editing/locking endnotes with multiple people on a team?

Is there a tool that’s recommended? Will EndNote Web solve my problems?



I found this thread. But, it refers to people on the same computer/company network. We’re all on separate networks.

I don’t know enough about Endnote Web to know if it will solve your problem. There are tutorials on how to use it and the sales materials suggest that it might. I do know though, that Endnote Web is not as flexible as Endnote and has fewer features. 

Collaborate with colleagues and students


  • Transfer references easily to and from EndNote (EndNote X.0.2 and up). Export/import to previous versions.
  • Share EndNote Web groups to simplify collaboration with colleagues—designate each collaborator as edit or read only. 
  • But there is the “traveling library” feature with Endnote.  Endnote inserted fields include all the information for any Endnote user to introduce new citations, and have them correctly added to the bibliography.  The caveate is that it does add bulk and can make the Word document susceptible to corruption. 

    For additional suggested approaches using Endnote, see John East’s  Using EndNote for Collaboration and another at UW-Madison


    Me, I keep the documents in the unformated (curley bracket) form during collaborations to avoid the chance of corruption. 


    fixed John East’s link (at UQ) in edit.

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    Thanks Leanne.

    The Madison Wisconsin link is nice.

    The John East link doesn’t seem to work though.

    I’m experimenting with the Web version now.

    I’d like to share a library with people from other institutions and prevent us from overwriting each other’s changes in the library.

    However, your suggestion helped me find a few more sites. is pretty good, but it doesn’t let you know if someone else is editing a reference. I do like the AutoSave feature. That’s a great feature, especially if your browser or machine has a catastrophic error.

    Try this then