how to link a library to a document

Hi, I recently moved to Endnote X7 from version 4 and I noticed that the word documents are not linked anymore to their libraries. What I used to do before was to create a new library everytime I started the work on a new document, so that when I opened the doc, the corresponding library opened automatically. Now, when I open a doc, I have to manually search the right library from the library folder. Moreover, because the library is not linked to a specific word doc, you don’t know which refs are already cited in the doc. Can anybody halp me?

My first recommendation would be to stop that work flow which creates a massive duplicative effort?  Usually, if it worked before for you, it may have been because your endnote program was set to ope “previously openned library”  – as I don’t believe it ever read the library from the word document.