Endnote web search not responding


I’m new to endnote and in need of assistance. Each time  I use endnote web to search,  I am prompted to fill in ‘remote password’. i have no idea what this means as I do not have password or user id so I click on cancel and then click on ‘search’ which resulted in a message stating that ‘Server has rejected initialization.  Probably bad password/user id’. Can somebody help? Thanks.



Perhaps this Quick Reference Card will help.  You need to set up a registration with Endnote Web to use it.  I assume that is what you are missing? 

Hi Leanne,

Thanks for such a promt reply. I did as suggested but discovered that my ‘endnote subscription could not be registered. The registration number associated with your endnote subsription has already been used’. This I suspected is due to me intalling endnote several times due to problems with my laptop ( windows crashed and end up buyiing a new laptop). Any suggestions? How do I activate my subsription again?

Thanks in advance.



Then I would call  tech support,



Thanks so much. Will do so.