Endnote without Bibliography / full reference in text

Hi! Is it possible to insert the full reference from the data base into a text without a bibliography anywhere in the document? 

If you mean whether it’s possible to insert an in-text citation (Jones, 2011) into a text document without having the corresponding bibliography generated, the answer is: Yes. 

All you need to do is to modify the output style file by deleting all of the bibliography templates while retaining the citation template.  This modification enables generating the in-text citations without a bibliography.

Thanks. No, I didn’t mean that. I meant the insertion of the WHOLE reference in the text, i.e., (for example) Jones, P. (2006), Political Systems in Europe, Journal for Politics, pp. 1-5, WITHOUT compiling a bibliography. Not possible?

You can copy formated (ctrl K) from the endnote library and paste the resulting formated reference into a document.  Is that what you need?  the format that is selected in the Endnote program is the format of the reference that will be pasted.