Bibliography citations appearing in text

Apologies: I’m sure this is a really obvious question, but I have looked in vain for the answer. I’m new to using Endnote Cite While You Write, and I’m having trouble. I have had to create a new Output style, for a journal to which I want to submit an article. The references in footnotes or endnotes appear in the style that I want them, but everytime I put a footnote or endnote reference in to the article, the corresponding bibliography entry appears within the text. This particular journal doesn’t print a bibliography, so I want to know how I can insert footnotes or endnotes without generating a bibliography.

Can anyone give me some advice? Thank you in advance.

Sounds like something’s awry with your template(s). Could you attach the style so folks may take a look?  Otherwise provide images of the style’s 1) Citation templates, 2) Bibliography templates, and Footnote templates.  The three may be accessed through the EndNote toolbar: EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT [Name of style].

You need to use word to insert the footnote then insert the citation in the footnote.  Then in the footnotes template of your of your output style, make sure you have unticked the “include citations in bibliography”,  does that solve your problem?

It seems to - thank you.