Custom in-text citation only (no end-of-document bibliography)

Hello Endnote Community,

I am trying to build a custom in-text citation format with no end-of-document bibliography.  The in-text citation template should look something like this:

[<Journal> < Year >, <Volume>, <First-Page>, doi: <DOI>]

Is there a way to turn off the end-of-document bibliography? Any suggestions implemnting this tempale format correctly in endnote X7?



Greetings Eric,

If you’d like to create an output style that produces no formatted bibliography, on EndNote’s Edit Style window, click “Templates” within the Bibliography section and delete each template defined on this window.  After removing all bibliography templates, you can either click File>Save to update your existing style with these changes, or click File>Save As… to save a newly-named version of your custom output style.

Please let me know if this works for you.

Since you have a simple in-text citation, it would be a lot easier to create a new style with no templates in the first place?