Endnote X7.8 with Word 16.13 - possible? and if not, does X8 alter database to make it incompatible with X7?

I am using an Apple running High Sierra, with Microsoft Word 2016 (16.13) and Endnote X7.8. I can’t find the Endnote commands in Word anymore, and in the Cite While you Write customizer, I can’t figure out which folder to add as the Word 2016 installation.  Is it possible to have Endnote X7.8 work with Word 2016?  If not, and I have to upgrade to X8, then my question is: will accessing my library from X8 alter it so that X7 won’t be able to read it? I access the same library from X7 versions that I don’t want to upgrade, and so I need to know if opening it with X8 is going to prevent Endnote X7 from reading it (will it change my library and make it incompatible with earlier versions).

to work with Word 16.xx you do need to upgrade to x8. 

In my experience, both X7.8 and X8.2 should be able to access the library without problem.  

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Hello, can I ask you how did you mange to solve it?