Endnote X CWYW stopped working with MS Word 2007


My endnote cwyw stopped working in my MS word 2007 after I updated EndNote with the recent patch (X.0.2).  The appearance of the icons in the Add-Ins menu has changed and they are unresponsive.  I tried changing the registry as shown in the websupport page but no use.  I also checked to see if the Add-In is disabled in word options but it is not. cwyw works fine from Endnote > Tools menu, but not as a word Add-In. 

Recently I installed Adobe suite on my computer,  which has also added an Add-In which work fine.  Would this be interfering by any chance?

Please help me with this.



Check out this FAQ.  http://www.endnote.com/support/faqs/CWYW/faq11.asp

 My bet would be Adobe installed FlashPaper. 

Thanks Leanne.  I fixed it, I hadn’t seen the faq.  Adobe Contribute plugin was interfering with CWYW.