Endnote X hangs with Format Bibliograph in Word 2007

I have added Endnote X.0.2 successfully to Word 2007 sp 1 as an add-in.  However, when I try to “Format Bibliography” changing from one style to another (e.g. Royal Soc Proc Bio Sci to Current Biology), the entire program hangs.  I get the never-ending hourglass, and I’ve given up to 20 minutes to do its job.  Whatever is happening, it’s stuck.  Any suggestions? 

I am having a similar problem.  I have added the Endnote tools to word 2007 in the Add-in toolbar.  I can add references to word documents, but the references show only as text.  They do not behave like endnote references in Word 2003 that hightlihgt if you click on them.  When trying to format the citation, both endnote and word hang.  I have tried uninstalling to no avail.  I am running windows XP with Office 2007 sp1 and Endnote X.0.2.