Endnote tab not in Word 2010

Hi, I am new to using endnote and am struggling at the first hurdle! I am using endnote 7 & microsoft word 2010. There is no endnote tab in my word document, so I am unable to insert any references into my text. If I go into endnote the insert citation/format bibliography/go to word processor is all faded and I cannot use the function. Please can someone help me activate these functions & insert references into my word document! Thanks

Just to clarify, the EndNote tab resides in the MS Word ribbon and not in the document itself, Refer to the knowledgebase article http://endnote.com/kb/127988 “EndNote X7 Windows: Install Word CWYW Toolbar”  or FAQ CWYW1 at .http://endnote.com/support/faqs/endnote .




I have done both things suggested in those articles and the endnote is still not showing in my Microsoft word ribbon? The cite while you write function is not working in endnote either. Any other suggestions?

Call tech support would be my suggestion.  The numbers are in the support section of www.endnote.com


I am embarrassed to say after a few days of frustration I finally worked out I had 2 versions of word on the laptop. My 2010 must have reactivated when I bought the 2013 version. It appears the endnote is in the 2013 version & the cite to write is now active, so fingers crossed it all works now!

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