Endnote X2 on Mac crashes when formatting bibliography

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I am finishing a pHD thesis and having a nightmare. I have written my chapters separately, and when I format the bibliography for each chapter it is fine. However, when I put them together by inserting them into one single document, the “format bibliography” process only gets as far as “scanning for unformatted citations” before giving a flickering message that “word is paginating pages 48 and 49”, and then crashing a minute later, sometimes with a “COM error” message. I am at my wits end - as I say, the chapter documents individually will allow formatting but when I put them together they crash. Can you help me?!

I would first try to clean up the document using these instructions from the support site:

On a Mac:

  1. Make a backup of your document.

  2. Choose the “Tools > EndNote > Unformat Citations” command, which will remove the reference list and revert the citations. (additional note from Leanne: if the reference list is still present, delete it)

  3. Press [Apple]+A on the keyboard to highlight everything.

  4. Press [Apple]+6 (above the “T” and “Y” key) to remove any additional hidden field codes.

  5. Press [Apple]+C to copy the highlighted text. (note from Leanne:  here I would avoid taking the last paragraph symbol)

  6. Open a new document and press [Apple]+V to paste.

  7. (another note from Leanne, you might have reinsert your pagination)

Note : If you have citations in footnotes, you will need to click in the footnotes section and repeat steps 3- 6.

You should now be able to format this cleaned up version of the document without running into problems.

Please note that you may get the “EndNote Select Matching Reference” dialog box when formatting the bibliography. This may be because you have modified the author name or the year in one of the references. Please click here for information on how to resolve this.

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Hi, I have a similar problem in EndNote X1 but its Word 2008 that crashes and not EndNote.

I’ve tried to fix it according to your instructions but it didn’t work.

Do you have aby other ideas?